The Bluff Report

The final race in the Rogue Trail Series was hot. Really, really hot. That wasn’t enough, however, to stop nearly 350 ultra-tough runners from showing up and attacking the newly cut trail with everything they had (and then some!).

It took a lot of time and sweat to establish the course and parking lot, but the effort was well worth it and runners were able to see a part of Reimer’s Ranch that the general public does not have access to. That said, it was a technical, challenging course that only true trail runners would dare attempt – us mere mortals tend to stick to paved roads with heavy crowd and water support!

The 30K began at a deceptively cool 7:00am, and stretched on into the blazing late morning hours, while the 10K runners took off at 7:30am and were able to finish before the worst of the heat hit.

The 10K was led by Dallas Rushing in a time of 45:48, followed by Chase Rathke (46:27) and Chris Kime (49:14). Jessica Coll led the women with a time of 1:00:21, followed closely by Mandy Haponski (1:02:46) and Kelley Swartz (1:02:57).

The 30K race was solidly won by Josh Beckham in 2:22:33, followed by Erik Stanley (2:25:33) and Hunter Schimpff (2:30:21). Megan Haley took the women’s race, finishing in a blazing 3:01:12. She was followed by Cynthia Henges and Mallory Cox in 3:13:14 and 3:22:50, respectively.

Every runner in the race took on the challenge and gave an impressive performance. They were rewarded for their efforts with juicy hamburgers, fresh watermelon, cold beer and even birthday cake, though the real reward came in claiming “I finished!”


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