Free beer!


Just a friendly reminder to everyone out there about the Punch Drunk Happy Hour, happening tomorrow night (Thursday) at 6pm at Rogue Equipment. There will of course be free beer (which is great for everyone), but there will also be a trivia run (also good for everyone, but of special interest to our marathoners, the punchcard holders!).

The trivia run will start at 6:15 and will cover 3 miles with a station at each mile. Participants will run in pairs (bring one, or find one here!) and will have to stop and answer a set of questions (we can’t wait to see how well you know Rogue, and how often you read the articles posted on the website…) at each station. Every team that answers a certain percentage correctly will receive great prizes from Rogue Equipment, and those with punchcards will really benefit – here’s how:

We are holding our first Frequent Fitness punchcard drawing on Saturday, June 27th. So far we haven’t had a SINGLE card turned in, which means that no one is winning a Garmin! We’re determined to give it away, however, so to help you win (and you’ve got a great shot, if you can just get your card fully punched), we are offering the opportunity for up to TEN punches through the Punch Drunk Happy Hour. Here is how you rack ’em up:

1 punch: showing up

1 punch: bringing a non-Rogue friend

1 punch: participating in the trivia run

3 punches: completing the trivia run the fastest

2 punches: coming in second

1 punch: coming in third

4 punches: answering the most correct questions, regardless of speed

The trivia run is a great, fun way to get in your easy miles and likely take home some neat prizes, and also an opportunity that our marathoner punchcard holders shouldn’t miss. So brush up on your RogueIQ and show up at 6pm tomorrow to run, win and, most importantly, drink free beer.


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