You might be a runner if…

After running shoes

…you have to rent extra storage space in order to house your T-shirt collection.

…you use “easy” and 10 in the same sentence.

…your shoes have more miles on them than your car.

…you consider it socially acceptable to wear nothing but short-shorts in public.

…you’ve ever relieved yourself in a not-so-heavily wooded area.

…Ibuprofen is your recreational drug of choice.

…you are American and think in meters.

…you can’t remember the last time that you wore a swimsuit to Barton Springs.

…you consider a 12 mile run a good cure for a hangover.

…dinner is often an entire pizza with a six pack of beer, and you weigh only 102 pounds.

…you have recorded a marathon finish over your wedding video.

…your fridge contains two types of drinks: Beer and Gatorade

…you get hit by a car and don’t bother to get the license plate because you still have 6 miles to go.

…you can say “fartlek” without laughing.

…you have running shoes in varying degrees of decomposition: used, well-worn, spent but still good, and useless-but-I-still-wear-them-because-they-feel-good.

…you always keep spare shoes and running clothes in your car, ‘just in case’

…you find yourself scheduling quality time with a rope and a foam roller.

…you wear sandals despite your prominent blisters and black toenails.

….you consider peanut butter a food group.

…you have chafing in strange places.

…you talk to your coaches more than your parents.

…you wear a black, plastic sports watch with your dress clothes.

…you’ve ever spent 30 minutes waiting in line for the chance to use a porta-potty.

…you can remember a race time 4 years ago, but can’t remember your friend’s birthdays.

…you have hundreds of safety pins scattered around your house.

…every time you drive by a runner you feel like you too should be running too…even though you already ran 15 miles that morning.

…you shower three times a day, and at least one time involves a garden hose.

…you are bankrolling your physical therapist’s next vacation.

…you have more shoes than your wife.

…it doesn’t scare you to drink from a cup that some stranger hands you in the middle of the road.

…your weekend run with “the group” IS your social life.

…you call all other sports cross-training.

…your legs are a “good sore”.

…you know the resident dogs, best shade trees and sprinkler schedules of every house in the neighborhood.

…you scope out running routes before hotels when traveling.

…you correct people when they say a marathon is 26 miles– it should be 26.2.

Comment and add your own to the list!


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