What gets to you?

Thanks to the last poll, we now know what most Rogues are doing after a long run – eating breakfast tacos. Now let’s find out what was going on during that run… what is your biggest running pet peeve?


2 thoughts on “What gets to you?

  1. How about periodic polls about the Rogue programs. Start with “What do you think about the new program this year?” …or…”The goal of this year’s program has been to reduce the number of inquires.” Multiple answers to follow 1) More 2) Fewer 3) The same number 4) This is my first real running program so I have nothing to compare to 5) other .

    Send to everyone paying for a program, not a Facebook poll.

    This question is pointless…

    • Thanks for your input – we do put those types of polls into our periodic surveys that are sent out to all paying program members. The blog is intended to be a platform for news, thoughts, commentary and running-related lightheartedness – it is a public website and by no means restricted to those currently in programs. I will take your comment into consideration however – I’m sorry that you think the posts are pointless.

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