Meet the coach

coach Bobby Garcia

coach Bobby Garcia

If you’re currently participating in a Rogue training program, you probably know a few things about your coach – his or her preferred running shoes, favorite race distance and whether or not your coach is actually a morning person or just pretending during those pre-dawn meetings. But how much do you really know? And what about all of those other Rogue coaches, some of whom you may be joining for future programs?

It’s time to start the introductions, and we are going to begin with Bobby Garcia,
The coach of Rogue Team Sole Survivors, a close-knit marathon training group that is open to all levels. Bobby is best known around Rogue for “snack island,” his infamous and glorified water stop, complete with cookies, brownies and fresh fruit towards the end of long run.

Read on to learn more about Bobby, one of this year’s Austin Marathon coaches:

What do you coach?

Rogue Team Sole Survivors – all levels of marathon training

What is your coaching philosophy?
Being authentic. . being genuine in my strong commitment to help and support an athlete through a journey of physical, mental and emotional discovery. Training for and running a marathon takes commitment – real commitment – on the part of an athlete. A coach has to be equally committed to the athlete and put the needs of the athlete first and foremost. Athletes do not follow uncommitted coaches so I make it my priority to make the experience about the athlete and not my own.

What do you think is the most important thing about learning how to run/train?
You will have your good running days and you will have your bad running days. Happens to us all because “life” happens. The more focused, disciplined and committed an athlete is to the long term goal of running a marathon the easier it is to overcome and work through the inevitable valleys that are on the other side of the peaks. There is a direct correlation between the time, effort, and work an athlete puts into training and what she or he experiences through the journey of training for and running a marathon.

How long have you been coaching?

Four years as a Rogue coach.

What other skills do you have?

Other than running, I’m skill-less.

How long have you been working with Rogue?
I’ve been working with them as an athlete from the time Rogue started and as a coach for four years.

What would you tell a newcomer if they asked you about yourself as a coach?
I’m passionate about coaching because I care about people…period. I am very passionate about building a community of Rogue athletes. I love the Sole Survivors and feel we are creating a special community of athletes who enjoy being together, hanging out, running, and living in THE best city in America. I have a very strong desire to help athletes reach their potential as marathon runners. I think athletes who have been part of the Sole Survivors would tell you that I communicate often, am very approachable, and that my personality style is one that others find easy to connect with.

Are you competitive? Do you expect others to be?

I am competitive and expect athletes to run/train at a level where they feel they have given their very best.

Why do you run?

I run because for me running feeds my hunger for spiritual, physical, and mental needs. A wonderfully enriching aspect of running are the relationships one builds through the experience of running and training for a marathon. After now having run 18 marathons my personal goals have changed, but the needs that running provides are unchanged. I truly love the gifts that running has brought to me all of these years.

Look for Bobby’s Austin Marathon training group on our website, and check back often to learn more about the coaches at Rogue!


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