More on Bobby

Kent Little, one of Bobby Garcia’s athletes, wanted to follow up his introduction with a few words of his own. Here is what he has to say about his experience with Bobby:

Having Bobby Garcia as my coach as I trained for my first marathon was an incredibly enriching and life changing experience. He is a very experienced marathoner who brings enthusiasm and insight into every phase of the Rogue marathon training process. His commitment to his runners is amazing. He knows how and when to push when you need to be pushed and he is able to help illuminate new approaches and provide encouragement when that’s what is needed. He is an amazing guy to be around and I learned tons from spending time with him.

Bobby is a natural leader with a great sense of humor and a keen understanding of the physical and emotional hills and valleys of the marathon training process. He helped the runners in our group bond early on in the training and we became closer and closer throughout the process; that was no doubt a byproduct of his personality and enthusiasm. His inspirational lectures and practically daily training e-mail insights helped keep everyone’s enthusiasm up during the training. He breaks down every workout into understandable terms and explains why the workout is important. Simply put: training for a marathon is an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience. Bobby Garcia makes the whole experience infinitely more special.

As an additional plus: his wife is an amazing cook and if you train hard they will have you over for dinner and it will be very, very good.

Keep an eye out for Bobby as we move into training for the Austin Marathon, and get to know him – there seem to be big benefits for those who do!


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