The gold medal

Rogue coach and elite runner Carmen Ayala-Troncoso has done it again! Carmen is in Finland, competing in the World Masters Championships, and made headlines instantly. 50-year old Carmen posted the first win for USA in any event, taking the women’s 8K cross country race in a phenomenal 29:10 – that’s a 5:52 pace, just to save you some calculation time.

This win was especially sweet – she ranks it in her top five (and she’s had a lot!) – because it is the result of the first healthy year that she’s had in awhile. Carmen fought nagging injuries for nearly two years, but was proactive rather than discouraged, focusing on strength work and recovery. This diligence paid off, as her training and racing has been strong and consistent ever since her 50th birthday.

Carmen is now gearing up to not only compete in the 5000m during the final week of the WMA Championships, but to set a masters world record. Check back soon for what are sure to be impressive results!


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