Rogue Nose!

Rogue water stop

Rogue water stop

Rogue staff and a handful of awesome Rogue members (aaallllll women, by the way) headed down to the Moonlight Margarita Run on Thursday night to man what was probably the most colorful water stop in race history! Our volunteers didn’t know it, but they arrived to find orange tshirts, rainbow-striped clown wigs and brightly colored clown noses waiting for them. Everyone was a great sport and suited up before stacking the tables with water cups, well-prepared for the onslaught of thirsty runners!

The 5K race began at 8pm as the sun began to go down and we quickly found ourselves handing water to the leaders as they sped by. It was a great race and benefited a great cause – your Town Lake Trail. Rogue was happy to be a part of it! Check out the latest batch of photos (again courtesy of Josh Baker, the only guy that managed to make it out), see if you can figure out who the clowns are and don’t forget: Rogue Nose Running!


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