Precision fitting, test riding and free tech shirts from Mizuno!

On Saturday morning Mizuno will be at Rogue Equipment with their mobile running tech lab. The “Run With Us” grassroots campaign is designed to provide expert analysis and recommendation for runners of all skill levels.

It features a grand scale technical van which houses two of Mizuno’s state-of-the-art “Precision Fit” terminals. There, consumers are provided an innovative and thorough biomechanical analysis of their foot type and running needs. The “Precision Fit” procedure determines which type of running shoe best suits the runner’s foot type, running style, and running goals. Runners are also given a chance to “test ride” Mizuno footwear that has been suggested for their biomechanics.

All participants in the “Run With Us” program will receive a free Mizuno Dryscience™ T-Shirt.

Mizuno “Run With Us”
Saturday, August 15, 8am-11am
Rogue Equipment
500 San Marcos St.

Please sign up in advance by calling Rogue Equipment at 512.493.0920.
Slots are in 10 minute increments, beginning at 8am, until 10:50am.
First come, first served!

(excerpted from the Mizuno website)


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