Meet the ‘Legend’

In case anyone out there has not yet heard of Russ Secker, he is the Rogue who recently returned from a 64 day, 2,800 mile run across Europe. No rest days, 45 mile/day average. Somehow he found the energy to keep up with his blog, chronicling the experience as it happened and letting all of us mere mortals back home live vicariously through him (or maybe just making us thankful that we weren’t him!).

The blog was a hit (you can check it out here), and Russ set out to write a book about his various ultra-experiences once he returned to Austin. He will be at Rogue Equipment on Thursday evening at 7pm to talk about his book, his incredible run and to answer any questions.

This is an awesome chance to talk with an amazing athlete and person, so make sure you stop by. In fact, stay awhile – it also happens to be the monthly happy hour at Rogue Equipment and the free beer will begin flowing around 6:00 – we’ll see you there!

Happy hour and Russ Secker, Ultra-runner
Thursday, August 27, 7:00pm
Rogue Equipment
500 San Marcos St.


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