In for the Long Haul

Unfathomably long trail races seem to be popular with a handful of our toughest Rogues lately!

On Saturday evening, Team Rogue members Mike Wilen and Rasim “Muz” Musal lined up to take on Karl’s Kanoe 60K (that’s 37.2 miles, by the way) at Inks Lake State Park in Burnet. They were lucky enough to have a slight break in the oppressive heat of 2009, but this race was faaar from a walk in the park!

More than six hours after the gun went off, Mike powered his way into second place while Muz – incredibly, just returning from injury – followed close behind in fourth. It’s even more impressive when you take into consideration that not only was the entire thing run on treacherous trail, in the dark, but also that only 31 of the 60 original runners stuck it out to the finish!

There is an excellent play-by-play on Mike’s blog, and another good recap on Muz’s – make sure you check them out, and leave a congratulatory comment or two!


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