Progress Coffee, every Rogue’s favorite neighborhood coffee shop, will now be offering “grab n go” breakfast to our runners after Saturday long runs! Give your sweaty, exhausted self a break from waiting in line next door and simply grab some fresh, healthy, delicious food from the table set up outside the training room. $5 gets you breakfast and coffee, so don’t forget your cash!

We’d love some feedback and/or suggestions on what you like or dislike about the selections offered, so feel free to email Allison at with your input!


3 thoughts on “Hungry?

  1. here’s my idea i’ve shared with several running friends and they liked it!
    Progress should have a 3 for $5 offer. Essentially, they have say, 6 or 7 items, and you pick 3 for $5. The key here is they need to keep this offer simple and no substitutes.

    Items could be as follows:
    Scrambled Eggs
    Toast (white or wheat)
    English Muffin
    2 Wheat Tortillas
    Sausage (2 pieces)
    Bacon (2 pieces)
    Some vegetable TBD

    you then just pick 3 and buy your coffee separate, since people are way too picky about their coffee needs.

    that’s all i got for ya.

    (It’s funny that they’re going to have bfast grab ‘n go, and somewhat market it to runners, but they didn’t ask you guys for opinions beforehand! heh heh)

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