Off the beaten path


A new era of trail programs is ready to begin at Rogue, and there is something sure to please anyone who is ready for a whole new type of running and a whole new definition of endurance!

For those who just want to test the waters or gain a bit more experience, Phil “Panther” Carmichal will be offering a Trail Base class that meets every Wednesday and Sunday.

For those who have already done some trail running and are ready for a challenge, Erik Stanley and Steve Sisson will be coaching the Bandera Trail Run training group. This 16-week program will prepare you for the 25K, 50K or 100K trail race at Bandera, happening on January 9, 2010. Coached runs – taking place on a variety of trails in and around Austin – will meet on Wednesdays at 6p and Saturdays at 7a.

Too easy? You may be ready for Team Rogue Ultra! Newly formed by Ken Fries and Jason Lippman, this 11 month program will focus on the Leadville Trail 100, arguably the most challenging trail race in the country (yes, it is 100 miles long). Ken and Jason recently completed their first Leadville race – see the photos! – and had an incredible journey that they want others to experience. The group will meet three times a week (Tuesdays/Thursdays: 5:30a, Saturdays: 7:00a), and will take trips to run the Hill Country SNA, Lost Maples, Bastrop, other local Austin trails and on the race course in Colorado.

Whether you’re itching to hit the trails or are simply intrigued by this tough breed of runner (and tough they are!), make sure to be at Rogue Equipment on Thursday, September 24 to hear Ken and Jason talk about their life changing Leadville experience, get more information on the Rogue trail programs and, of course, enjoy the free beer that is always on tap during our “last Thursday” happy hours.

Trail Program Information Session
Thursday, September 24 @ 7pm
Rogue Equipment
500 San Marcos St.
Austin, TX 78702


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