Roadrunner Debut


Thanks to coach Karen Smith for this in-depth race report!

Team Rogue Roadrunners (formerly known as Team Rogue – Northies) coached by Karen Smith (aka Killa), had their debut for the 2009/2010 season with 2 races over the labor day weekend.

First was Zilker Relays on Friday evening with a solid performance by a group of our Roadrunners composed by James Rogers, Andy (Pacifico) Webb, Mark Davis, and Kyle Brown- who placed first in their training group division, but placed well overall with an impressive group average pace of 6:08. Making this an even more impressive feat is the fact that this group of guys has not been doing speed work but did this race as a sort of trial by fire before our training program moves on to an anaerobic speed focused phase of our training.

Then on Sunday September 6th, 11 other Roadrunners were in Albuquerque NM along with their proud coach and several spouses to show off the results of their hard work during the 14 weeks of Base building. 10 people ran the marathon and 1 ran the half. It was a beautiful day and the altitude and substantial elevation change proved to be non-issues for this very fit group of runners as 9 of the 11 had top 10 AG place, finishes including a first place in her age group by Kirsten Lotter, and a solid PR performance by Mike Hull.

The Team Roadrunners training program started in June and has just finished 14 weeks of long mileage during this grueling hot Austin summer. While this Team program includes several target races, the “A” marathon race will come for this group in January at the Chevron Houston Marathon. The New Mexico marathon was a celebration of the end of the base phase and a check in on physical fitness and progress made in the phase. With this being a “B” race on the Roadrunner schedule, the goals for this marathon were to practice discipline and running a smart race, learning to roll with whatever happens and not let uncontrollable factors ruin your race early on. Most importantly it was a great opportunity to enjoy the cooler temperatures and beautiful surroundings of Albuquerque. After running hundreds of miles repeatedly around Austin over the summer, the change of temperature and scenery was just what was needed before moving on!

Both the New Mexico marathon and the Zilker Relays were outstanding debut’s for our team and overwhelmingly successful for many of the individuals.

While we will participate in a few of the local races as warm ups, our next target race is the San Antonio Rock and Roll races, where a couple of our folks will be doing the full marathon and the majority of the Roadrunners will be running the half marathon to see what progress was made during the 9 week speed phase.

Go Roadrunners!


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