Your Trail


The Trail (you know which one I mean) sees an estimated 1.5 million visitors a year, and I bet that you are one of them!

That is a lot of wear and tear for one trail, and The Trail Foundation is the force behind the maintenance, protection and improvements that we all enjoy. One of the current projects is that of the Johnson Creek (North Mopac) Trailhead and stretching area, the most popular gathering spot for runners on the entire trail. The Trail Foundation is considering a number of major improvements, including restrooms, native plants to buffer the adjacent street, chilled water fountains, informal seating, and stretching areas with improved exercise bars.

Naturally, the most important input is yours, the people who use the trail day after day, month after month. The Trail Foundation has set up a short survey and could really use your feedback on what amenities you do and do not want in the area; take a few minutes to have a say in what happens to this very important part of your trail!

You can read a bit more about the proposed projects here, or go straight to the survey.


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