Proactive prevention and tips for bad knees

Core class

Core class

The beauty of an established training organization (such as Rogue) is that you aren’t just paying for a cheerleader and/or drill sergeant with a running “plan” downloaded off of the internet. Believe it or not, there is an educated, experience-fueled reason behind each run that we send you on, each stretch that we make you do and each day that we tell you to rest. There is also purpose behind the Thursday night core class, and it isn’t just the universal desire for washboard abs!

Anyone who has attended the class knows that the past two weeks have focused on preventative exercises – yes, there is a quite a bit of ab work involved, but the arms, legs and everything in between get quite engaged as well. This is because a runner needs to be strong (not in a bodybuilder sort of way) and resilient to withstand all of the pounding and exhaustion that we put ourselves through. Think of it as developing a support system for your bones, and structural backup for when the fatigue sets in.

We came across this article regarding the best and worst exercises for bad knees – it is likely to be of interest for a lot of you, and you should notice a strong correlation between the author’s suggestions and what you’ve seen in Darren’s Thursday evening core class. If you haven’t attended yet, do yourself a favor and show up for the next one. There really is a reason behind it all!

**To those of you who were here last Thursday: we are aware that it was a bit too crowded and that if it gets any bigger we’ll start to lose the beneficial aspects of the class. We are currently discussing possible day/time slots for a second, and even third, class and will let you all know as soon as we have it in place. In the meantime, please remain a proactive runner and continue to show up!


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