East End Fitness

We can’t say it enough: if you want to improve as a runner, YOU MUST DO CORE WORK. In addition to the free classes offered here at Rogue for our members, there is soon to be another option for those of you who are serious about becoming and remaining strong, healthy athletes.

Phil Carmical, a well-known Rogue coach, and Erin Madden will soon be opening East End Fitness, an individualized, sport-specific strength, flexibility and core program that focuses specifically on you and your particular needs and goals. Beginning October 13, they will be conducting classes at Rogue on Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings. More information will soon follow, but in the meantime read on for an overview of East End Fitness, along with a bit more about Phil and Erin, the minds (and trainers) behind the programs.


East End Fitness offers strength and conditioning, aerobic workouts, and sport-specific training through individualized programs and workouts written and coached by our trainers. Our programs range from strength and conditioning for runners and cyclists to flexibility and core workouts for everyone to sport-specific training for all sorts of athletes. Our sport-specific training is based on the needs of the athletes, whether it’s aerobic, strength, flexibility, or any combination of specific needs. We start with an interview with the athletes, to assess their specific needs for their particular sport, and we then create a program based on those needs, focusing on the end game of making those athletes better. We bring our own equipment and are able to have our workouts almost anywhere where there’s space to do it. Many of our programs are run out of Rogue Equipment, a facility located at 500 San Marcos, just a block east of I-35 at East 5th Street and San Marcos.

Phil Carmical has eleven years of experience as a book publisher, but he is best-known around Austin, Texas as “Panther,” a popular and respected running, triathlon, and duathlon coach. Phil started coaching in 2004 and is the founder and first president of the Austin Duathletes, which now consists of over 500 members. Phil has coached hundreds of runners, cyclists, triathletes, and duathletes, including some who have competed in national and world competitions.

An accomplished athlete himself, Phil was the Texas state duathlon champion for his age group in 2006, he placed third in “Citisports” magazine’s “Cyclist of the Year” competition for Texas, and has been featured on the cover of Austin Runner magazine and in the Austin American-Statesman. Phil is very well-known in Austin’s running and triathlete circles, and he has competed in and won his age group in many 5k, 10k, and other running and duathlon events.

Erin Madden is a well respected personal trainer in Austin,Texas with a degree from the University of Texas at Austin in kinesiology. She has over five years management experience as a fitness director of a local fitness center in Austin and over 10 years experience in coaching swimming. Along with her professional training, fitness management, and coaching background, Erin is also an experienced competitive distance runner.

East End Fitness will offer:

Circuit Training:
High intensity 45 minute classes that are designed to incorporate functional training with a full body strength and core workout. This class is also perfect for the beginner as it can be modified for any ability.
Circuit Training classes are fast moving and allow for a slight cardio workout with an emphasis on strength exercises for the entire body and are geared toward runners.

Flexibility and Core Training:
Classes focus on strengthening the core of the body along with flexibility training that is beneficial to anyone from elite athletes to the beginner athlete. Classes consist of a combination of core and functional training along with stretching techniques for the full body and focusing on muscles used by the runner athlete.


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