Stay Safe

For anyone who didn’t hear the news, there was a tragedy in Austin on Friday that should serve as a safety reminder for anyone who runs in the area.

A 21-year old UT student was running down Lavaca on Friday afternoon, on the sidewalk, when she was struck and killed by an SUV pulling out of a private drive near 15th St. Identification of the girl was delayed since she, like most of us, was carrying nothing on her; she was rushed to the hospital but it was too late.

It’s no secret that traffic is heavy in Austin, and many drivers, in the age of phone calls, text messages, gps units and road rage, are dangerously unaware of what is going on around them – or running in front of them. It’s easy to get complacent as a runner, but never assume that those on the road will give you the right-of-way (law or not) or will even notice you.

Be especially cautious if you tend to run with an mp3 player, as you can easily fail to notice a car whose driver is also failing to notice you. Runners who head out during the evening rush must be on guard, but this applies doubly to the early risers; it’s easy to assume that the road “is always” empty, but it only takes one vehicle to change that. It’s never a bad idea to carry identification with you, even if it comes in the form of Sharpie on your shoe.

Read the news story here, and stay safe out there.


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