PRs in Portland!

Picture 3

Team Rogue headed to Portland last week and found themselves lining up at 7am Sunday morning, ready to see what the long, hot months of training had produced.

What it produced were some fantastic marathoners. Everyone had a stellar race, exceeded their own expectations and represented Rogue in the best possible way!

Check out the awesome results:

Erik Stanley: 2:27:36 (!!!)
4th overall, 1st in age group

Steve Sisson: 2:42:58
12 minute PR!!, 3rd in age group

Larry Bright: 2:53:15
1st in age group

Kamran Shah: 2:51:08
8 minute PR!!, 8th in age group

Tim Bayliss: 2:51:03

Andrew Russell: 2:54:17

Damon Barnes: 3:01:01
5 minute PR!!

Geezer: 3:06:05
12 min PR!!, 9th in age group

Jim Fitzpatrick: 3:07:16
9 minute PR!! Boston Qualifier!!

Niccole Crank: 3:08:41
21 minute PR!!

Chad Jones: 3:11:50

Michael Wedel: 3:18:46
9 minute PR!!

Jon Alter: 3:21:59
2min PR!

Matthew Sisson: 3:25:59

Ruth England: 3:29:02

Jonathon Guttell:

Amy Anderson: 3:36:52

Muz Muzal:

Sadie Jones:
Nedra Bray:

Keith Yawn:

Chuck Duvall:
15 minute PR!!


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