What a weekend!

We had incredible Rogue representation in Chicago, in Hawaii and of course here in Austin. Check out the results below and make sure to congratulate all of these people on their excellent performances!

Chicago Marathon:
Chicago marathon

Kent Little: 03:23:06 (54 minute PR!!)
Claire Swinbank: 03:29:19
David Meigs: 03:29:59
Scott Brown: 03:33:43 (10 minute PR!!)
Peter Ayers: 03:39:30
Gabriel Trinidad: 3:41:42 (huge PR!)
Michelle Reed: 03:51:35
Daniel Hernandez: 03:53:49 (1 minute PR!)
Rhonda Place: 03:53:58 (PR!!)
Paul Escobedo: 3:54:36 (3+ minute PR!)
Amy Fletcher: 03:58:18
Lisa Larson: 04:08:03
Adriana Almand: 04:08:12
Denise Skarecky: 04:10:12
Tahsin Askar: 04:22:37 (9 minute PR!!)
Camille Compton: 04:23:01
Cindy Swinbank: 04:28:14
Joseph Sesil: 04:28:44 (20 minute PR!!)
Chris Hayes: 04:35:41 (30+ minute PR!!)
Deanna Garza: 04:38:35
Regina Raudabaugh: 04:38:35
Tony Plohetski: 04:38:48
Jennifer Smith: 04:48:17
Maria Resendiz: 04:51:46
Adam Riggs: 04:52:24
Sunny Kim: 05:00:49
Eleazar Trevino: 05:11:22
Abby Zimmerman: 06:04:34


Ford Ironman World Championships: Kona, Hawaii

Ironman World Championships

Ironman World Championships

Joe Thorne competed in his first ever Ironman but performed like a pro. Joe finished in an incredible 9:35! His swim was 1:08:28, the bike 5:29:37 and his run (a marathon) was an outstanding 2:51:19 during which he passed 450 people and was the fourth fastest marathon of the day!


Run Austin Run America 5K/10K/Half Marathon:

Run Austin

Run Austin

Luis “Oscar” Gonzalez finished the Run Austin Half Marathon in 1:53, a 7 minute (!!) improvement over his 3M time from earlier in the year and good to earn him 17th place in his age group!

Karen Smith’s Roadrunners also took on the Run Austin races; here is their report, courtesy of coach Karen Smith:

The Roadrunners strike again!

This past Sunday was the first local running of the Run America Half marathon and other races. The course was challenging as it started and finished in the Triangle shopping center and included Scenic, Enfield and a Balcones neighborhood just south of Hancock.

The weather was cool and damp, and near the end, for the Half Marathoners the damp turned into a pouring rain. The Rogue Roadrunners showed that neither the hills nor the pouring rain could slow them down. Eight from the Team ran the half marathon and two ran the 10k. The results show that the focused speed work of the last month is really beginning to pay off.

In the Half marathon, Kyle Brown lead the team finishing 7th overall with a 1:21:46,( 6:14 pace) and 3rd in his age group. Based on this half, it looks like Kyle is well ready to meet his San Antonio marathon goal. Likewise Jim Gelb showed he is not only making progress in his speed, but in discipline to finish fast. Jim ran a 1:31:51 saving a push of a 6:40 pace for his last mile, and placing second in his age group.

After PRing in the Albuquerque Marathon, Mike Hull also demonstrated his speed and strength with a 1:49:50, showing that a few hills and little dips in the road will not slow down our big guy! Brian Plunkett placed 7th in his age group, Kris Algert placed 4th in her age group, Andi Kelly placed 13th in her age group and Carey Jung took 8th in his age group. Rounding out the half marathoners, Daniel McCabe had a PR half marathon performance by 3.5 minutes, to celebrate his last race as a 29 year old!

The Roadrunners also had a standout performance from Reynolds (RF) Barnes in the 10K event, running a 41:09, taking 9th place overall and 2nd in his age group, and likewise Andrea McCabe placed 7th in her age group with a solid 10K run.

Next weekend some of the other Roadrunners will be racing the IBM 10K before the final push weeks toward San Antonio.


Did I miss you in the race reports? Email allison@roguerunning.com so that I can make sure you are recognized!


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    • It’s fixed! Sorry about that, it looks like I copied down a ‘Michael Reed’ that was right next to your name. I have to look up any results that aren’t sent to me, I’m bound to make some mistakes 😉 Great job!

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