Too many PRs to count!

Allison Macsas, Carmen Troncoso and Catherine Barrera at the IBM 10K

Allison Macsas, Carmen Troncoso and Catherine Barrera at the IBM 10K

It was another fantastic, PR-filled weekend for Rogues both in town and out.

Beginning with the big one…the IBM 10K!

Sunday morning presented as near-perfect race conditions as possible – clear skies, 60 degrees and the lowest humidity we’ve had in weeks. 1800 runners lined up at 8am, ready to capture a slew of PRs! Rogue highlights included:

*Rogue coach Allison Macsas won the women’s race with a PR of 35:39!

*Rogue coach Karen Smith had a group of her Roadrunners compete, with incredible performances:
Trevor (Doctor T) Turner: 42:55 (6:55 pace)
Brandon Smith: 43:02 (6:56 pace)
Kirsten Lotter: 44:26 (7:09 pace) 3rd in AG, PR!
Jeff French: 45:12 (7:17 pace) PR!
Amy Bush: 49:27 (7:58 pace) 10 min. PR!!!!!!
Laura Kate Amrhein: 50:01 (8:03 pace) 4th in AG and PR!

*Rogue coach Panther took 20 of his runners and ended up with an amazing 15 PRs, including Carri (Qualude) Stansbury who took 3 minutes off of her previous PR from 2004!

*Rogue coach Carmen Troncoso’s ‘Team Tronky’ had a great showing as well:
Allison Macsas: 35:39 1st overall (PR)
Catherine Barrera: 39:10 1st Masters overall (PR)
Mandy Olivares: 41:11 3rd AG
Audrey Herold: 43:27 1st AG (over 40 PR)
Kim Buser: 45:16 11th AG
Mary Faria: 45:30 1st AG (PR)
Amy Garza: 46:26 11th AG (PR)
Kelly Gier: 47:44 13th AG
Greg Baxter: 38:22 2nd AG (PR)
Andy “William” Bitner: 38:55 (PR)
Robert Sutton: 40:09
Gerry Lewis: 47:53 (PR)
Brian Lindauer: 48:13 (PR)

*More great Rogue results:
Pamela Webb Elliot (coached by Amy Anderson): 1:02 (PR, WITH a four mile run beforehand!!)
Denise Skarecky: 49:23 (PR!!) Denise preceded this PR with the Chicago Marathon – her first – last weekend in 4:10!
Stacy Prentice (coached by Peri Kowal): Stacy ran her first 10K ever in 55:30, well under her goal of an hour!


The M2M in Marathon, Texas
* Rogue coach Fred Fletcher & James Allen both won the M2M Marathon!

The Palo Duro 50K Trail Race:
*Dan Aja, who trained mostly on his own, was able to shave 50 minutes over last year’s time to finish in a VERY impressive 4:49 for THIRD OVERALL!!!!

The Amsterdam Marathon:
*Cat Cremer, our international Rogue, went out and ran a 3:08:11 at the Amsterdam Marathon – her 2nd Marathon ever! Cat followed Sisson’s coaching but trained on her own out there in Holland. A 14 minute PR!!

The Detroit Marathon:
* Juan Sheppard, who is currently in the midst of Austin Marathon training, ran an impressive 3:49:23, more than reaching his midterm goal!

Did I miss you or your race?? Please send anything and everything – results, photos, stories, comments – to


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