A new DVD, Running – The Essential Guide, will soon be available at Rogue Equipment and stars a few of our very own:

Steve Sisson, named one of the nation’s top 10 Super-Coaches by Runner’s World magazine, and the head coach and founder of Rogue Training Systems

Ruth England
, co-founder and curriculum director of Rogue Training Systems

Carmen Ayala-Troncoso
, World Masters Champion and four-time US National Team member

The informational film runs 70 minutes and serves as a general running guide, whether the viewer is aiming to lose weight, relieve stress, improve his or her fitness level and meet a race goal.


* Run with proper form
* Create your own personal training program
* Stay healthy and avoid injury
* Lose weight
* Improve your performance
* Set and achieve realistic goals
* Optimize your nutrition and hydration
* Develop a stretching and strengthening program
* Choose the right equipment
* And much more…

Keep an eye out for the DVD to appear at Rogue Equipment within the near future; this can serve as a great supplement to everything you are already learning within your training program and also makes a great Christmas gift for a fellow athlete!


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