How young is too young?

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Would you let your children run marathons?

The running boom of the 1970s had no real qualms about kids running the marathon – it wasn’t until 1981 that the over-16 rule was applied and marathons became an adult-only event.

Is 26.2 miles too far for a child to handle? Will it stunt growth and cause damage, or is it a perfectly healthy, positive challenge for the younger generation to take on?

There doesn’t seem to be conclusive data either way and arguments can be made on both side of the issue. Check out what the New York Times and Wesley Paul, who ran the New York Marathon as an 8 year old, have to say about it!



One thought on “How young is too young?

  1. If my daughter found the love of running as I have, I would encourage her to go as far as she wanted with it. With proper diet and monitored training, I think it would be a wonderful and healthy experience.

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