Put your ‘extras’ to work!

We’ve received a great response to our call for donations to the Settlement Home and will be handing it all over next week; if you can and want to help out, don’t forget to bring your donations by as soon as you can! Tomorrow’s long run is a great opportunity for those who will be here (there is a box next to the wall that divides the training side and the store). Larger sizes, especially jogbras, are especially needed!

If you missed the email on Monday, here is some background for you:

We runners tend to spend a lot of time focused on ourselves – our mileage, our diet, our training schedule, our race plans, our recovery. Here is a way to shift that focus to a group of children that lack the luxury of ‘me’:

The Settlement Home in Austin
works with female child abuse victims and provides housing for high risk girls in CPS custody. They have a Run Club that they started over a year ago that approximately 20 girls take part in. It is a struggle to provide shoes and clothing for the girls to run in, and there is little to no money in the budget to allow the girls to enter local 5Ks, which they are all eager to do. They are able to buy some second hand clothing with their small budget; some of the girls are running workouts in cut off jean shorts and converse all star shoes.

As runners, we all have plenty of old, rarely used clothing lying around, taking up drawer space, and also understand what a positive force running can be. Lets help these girls experience the positive; please bring any women’s running clothes or gently used shoes to Rogue this week; we will get it to the Settlement Home. Please don’t bother donating items that are beyond retirement – we are better than that!

**The girls are of all different shapes and sizes, so chances are whatever size you are there is a girl that can fit into the clothing or shoes. One of the most needed things, however, is jog bras for the larger girls, all of whom are forced to run without ‘support’ at this point.


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