Handling the heat in San Antonio

The San Antonio Rock n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon got off to a rather warm start yesterday – much warmer, and much more humid than anyone had expected, much less hoped for!

Despite the unfavorable circumstances, over 200 Rogues lined up at the starting line with months of hot, humid summer training behind them. If anyone could handle the heat, it was a Rogue! Luckily the sun stayed hidden and we turned out a slew of great performances and PRs, helped not only by the training and incredible Rogue presence, but also by the great crowd support and music performances along the flat course.

Team Rogue Elite made a great showing as Allison Macsas finished third overall in the women’s half marathon with 1:18:58 while Kyle Miller and Darren Brown finished 3rd and 4th with identical times of 1:09:11.

There are plenty of photos from the day – please find yourself and tag yourself! – and so many results that I wouldn’t know where to start. If you have a PR or a story or a photo that you want to share (and I’d love to share it!), send it to allison@roguerunning.com.

Congrats to everyone out there, it was amazing to see what an impact Rogue made in that sea of runners!


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