Rogue Roadrunners: Kicking Butt in SA

by coach Karen Smith

The Rogue Roadrunners – formerly known as Team Rogue North – had another solid group performance in San Antonio for the Rock and Roll Half and Full Marathon. Our team had 18 people doing the half marathon and 2 others using this as their final Team Race of the Season doing the full marathon. In addition to the team doing well overall there were several individual standout performances and even a few PR’s!

The results were as follows:

Full Marathon:

Kyle Brown who PR’d by 3 min., placed 41rst over all, he was the 33rd male finisher, and was 4th in his age group posting 2:55:57- a 6:43 pace Way to go Kyle!!!!!!!!

Carey Jung also braving the marathon in the hot and humid conditions finished in 3:59:08.

Half Marathon results:

Jim Gelb: 1:30:49- 6:56 pace and 12th in his AG- Yay McGoo!!!!

Andy Webb: 1:31:19- 6:58 pace and 15th in AG- and a PR!!!!!

RF Barnes: 1:38:41-7:32 pace

Trevor (Dr. T) Turner:
1:39:29- 7:36 pace

Megan Ballard:
1:42:33- 7:50 pace- PR!!!!!!

Kirsten Lotter: 1:44:41- 8:00 pace- 16th in AG

Jeff French:
1:45:20- 8:03 pace

Mike Hull: 1:46:08- 8:08 pace- Big PR from the Hilly half in Austin!!!!

Brian Plunkett: 1:49- 8:21 pace

Amy Bush: 1:52:29- 8:35 pace- PR!!

Andi Kelly: 1:55:02 – 8:47 pace

Kris Algert:
1:55:34- 8:49

Lori Plicque: 1:56:47- 8:55 pace- PR!!!

Laura Kate Amhrein: 1:56:53-8:55 pace- PR!!!!

Josh Baker: 1:57:13- 8:57 pace

Erica Haring: 2:07:43- 9:15 pace, PR!!!

Belle Hoverman: 2:07:44 9:15 pace- 4th in Division!!!!!!!!- Yay Belle!!!!!

Daniel McCab: 2:09- 9:54 pace

Andrea McCabe:
2:17:33- 10:33 pace

Now we move into our final phase of training before Houston! Go Roadrunners!!!!!


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