Water vs. Sports Drinks … Round One. Ding Ding Ding

by Darren Brown

Water is essential to life and you’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone who will argue that.  Without it, mankind would cease to exist.  When we are training however, we are not simply trying to exist; we are trying to improve.  We are trying to make ourselves better.  For that, sometimes the essentials simply aren’t enough …

When we sweat, we lose more than just water out of our system (as is all too often recognized by the salty residue left on our clothes after a run).  Why then, would we put only water back in?!  Most sports drinks contain the proper minerals and nutrients the body requires after exercising and are actually more effective in helping the body absorb the fluid, recover, and fight off immune suppression than water.  We have recently posted an article on this topic in regards to beer being proven to be more beneficial than water post-exercise for similar reasons (all the extra “stuff” it contains).  And while I highly suggest that read as well, if you are just not buying it, maybe this next article about how sports drinks benefit the body more that water will get your brain thinking more along those lines and the sense it all actually makes …

Next time you come to Rogue for a training run, stop by the store and pick up some powdered sports drink packs (Pure Sport, Fluid, GU Brew, Gatorade Endurance etc. are all good options) beforehand and mix them up at a water-stop.  The dizzy, lightheaded, malnourished, “BONKING” feeling of hitting the wall during a long run should cease with the extra nutrients, minerals and increased fluid absorption, making for better training and better racing.


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