You need them…but what ARE they?

You hear it over and over and over again – you need to replace your electrolytes!

But what exactly are electrolytes? Where do they go, and why do you need to replace them? What products actually work, and which are just backed by big marketing budgets?

An average healthy person gets more than a sufficient amount of electrolytes through their diet, but those of us putting in the miles are sweating them right out – and electrolytes are not someting that you can afford to be short on in those final miles, or later in the day.

Running Times published a very good article, in plain english, that explains what an electrolyte actually is, its chemical function in the body, who does (and doesn’t) need to concern themselves with supplementing them and how to best do that. It’s important to understand the science behind the ‘rules’ and to know what it is exactly that you are spending your money on and, much more importantly, putting into your body. Read on.


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