Look where your shoes ended up!

Earlier in the year you may have noticed a large shoe collection bin at Rogue Equipment, and you may have been someone who contributed a pair of shoes.  Ever wonder where your shoes ended up?

Claire Swinbank, a Rogue athlete, is part of an organization called GuluGo, in which volunteers from the US team up with Uganda International Sports Academy (UGISA) and Friends for Peace in Africa (FPA). The groups combine their skills and experiences to bring several basketball camps to primary and secondary school level girls in Gulu, Uganda.

The 2009 camps were held in August, and thanks in no small part to Rogue members, GuluGo was able to arrive in Uganda with several hundred pairs of shoes for these girls, many of whom had no shoes to speak of. Photos of your donations being distributed are below – check out GuluGo’s website to find out more about this awesome organization!


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