Morning, noon or night?

Are you a die-hard, up-with-the-sun runner, or do you prefer to do your workouts in the evening, after the workday has finished? If you’ve dabbled in both, do you notice a difference in how you feel and how you perform?

Though no thorough studies have been completed at this point, it is widely acknowledged that most people can get their heart rate up significantly higher in the afternoon or evening when compared with the morning. Is this because your body is still adjusting from a period of sleep during morning workouts? Or maybe it’s higher in the evening because you’ve been busy digesting food and (likely) ingesting caffeine all day?

Whatever the cause of heart rate differences, the real item up for debate is what it means for your workouts. Are you more efficient in the morning? Or are your evening workouts more beneficial since you can work at a higher heart rate? The jury seems to be out, as you can see in this article, published by the New York Times.

Take a look, and let us know your experience. Have you ever noticed a difference? Which time of day is best? Or is it a trivial thing for the average runner (or anyone) to even think about?


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