Christmas: Run, or none?

Do you run on Christmas Day?

This may seem a pointless question to those who don’t celebrate this particular holiday, but for those who do it can often be a tough call – do you wake up early and pound out those miles before anyone else has woken up, or do you set aside the ‘obsession’ for a day and indulge in a bit of sleeping in, rich desserts and all the eggnog you can handle?

For some, a day off might be the best mental gift they can give themselves and it may be exactly what is in order, especially if you have young children who are ready for presents at the crack of dawn. For many runners, however, Christmas morning provides an opportunity for one of the most rewarding runs of the year and often becomes a tradition in and of itself.

What can be better than slipping outside as the sun is rising and covering those miles on completely empty, silent roads? I can tell you from firsthand experience that there is no one out at that time on Christmas day – the streets are yours. It’s a very rare, and very rewarding experience to truly own the roads – you’re likely to hit a state of mental clarity that you’ve never reached before.

As soon as you’ve put enough miles in – whether that means 2 or 20 – head home to a hot shower, hot coffee and a day of relaxation, family, friends, edible indulgences and the knowledge that you experienced a side of Christmas Day that very, very few ever do.

On another note, what do the pros do? This article from is focused on triathletes, but is still interesting to read the opinions of these professional athletes when it comes to Christmas Day training (or not training)!


One thought on “Christmas: Run, or none?

  1. This was the first year I ran on Christmas day. It also happens to be my birthday (35, woo hoo!). It was a beautiful, clear, sunny, cold day. I was surprised at what an emotional run it was. I think it was the combination of the holiday, thinking about my birthday and how thankful I should be to have my health and yet another year on this earth, and the new album I was listening to (Christmas gift!). It was a truly great run, I’m glad I made the time.

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