Your run was cold, but…

Coach Erik Stanley, ready for the cold!

If you thought you had it rough during your 18 degree weekend long run, think about what the nearly 600 runners out at the Bandera Trail Race endured!

It was reportedly somewhere around 9 degrees at the start of this 100K/50K/25K trail race in Bandera, Tx. The race began at 7:30a on Saturday and the cutoff was at 7:30a on Sunday – there is no such thing as smooth footing out there, and no room for getting sleepy or zoning out.

Despite the less than ideal outdoor conditions, several course records were broken and a handful of our toughest Rogues were out there, taking it all on. A few incredible Rogue performances include:

Ken Fries: 11:44:54
Jason Lippman: 11:45:01
Rasim Musal: 11:44:57

Paul Terranova: 4:14:31
Paul Salazar: 5:09:41
Meredith Terranova: 5:04:54
Mike Wilen: 5:23:11
Bruce Coleman: 5:49:39
Emily Howell: 6:09:38
Ryan Hopkins: 7:09:53

Graham Steward: 3:07:42
Minh Duong: 3:28:28

José Antonio Caicoya: 3:36
Sue Lynn Vann: 3:43:29
Meredith Cohen: 3:45:09
Ronna Robbins: 3:49:14
Clarissa Wallace: 3:49:15

This list is by no means exhaustive – if you toughed out Bandera, let Allison ( know and I will make sure your name is added!


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