20 Frozen Miles!

We have a few more race results from last weekend – congratulations to Pamela Webb-Elliot, Denise Skarecky, Valeri Reeder, Rick Reeder and Stacy Prentice, all of whom ran the Runtex 20 miler last Sunday. As we all know, it was cold that morning – 18 degrees at the start! They toughed it out, ignored their frozen faces and ran a great marathon tune-up race:

Denise Skarecky: 2:54:29
Stacy Prentice: 3:22:07
Valeri Reeder: 3:43:22 (PDR!)
Rick Reeder: 3:43:22 (PDR!)
Pamela Webb-Elliot: 3:45:47 (PDR!)

Additionally, Sue Lynn Vann apparently didn’t get enough cold or mileage on Saturday at the Bandera 25K Trail Race – after a very impressive performance on the trails, she showed up the next morning for the RunTex 10-miler and ran the whole thing…with a sprained ankle. This isn’t something I recommend doing, but I am impressed!

Great job to all of you!

If you ran this race (or any other race) and would like your results posted, please send them to allison@roguerunning.com!


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