PR, PR, PR and…PR!!

26,000 runners headed to Houston yesterday, and Rogues were among the throngs. Check out these performances!

Michael Burcin: 3:10 (5 minute PR AND BQ!!)
Michael McLatcher – 3:14 (PR AND BQ!!)
Adam (“Nails”) Mathews: 3:31 (PR!!)
Chris Beninga 3:57 (25 min PR!!)
Ben Briggs: 4:05 (PR!!)
Meredith Cohen: 4:40 (PR!!)
Alana Cagle: 4:53
Melanie Grice: 5:24

A few Rogues took a longer trip, heading to Phoenix along with 32,000 other runners for the Rock n Roll marathon. Look at these PRs!

Gareth Martin: 3:30 (PR!!)
Juan Shepperd: 3:40 (PR!!)
Stephanie Huie: 4:24 (PR!!)
Deborah Ginsberg-Ramsey: (PR!!)

Congratulations to all of you – you are inspiring to those gearing up for Austin in a few weeks. If you also ran and are not included here, just let allison@roguerunning know, and you will be added! If anyone has the ambition to write a race report, I would LOVE to publish it for you, and I know that everyone would love to read it. Send them my way!


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