In the eight days since tragedy struck Haiti, an overwhelming number of ‘ways to help’ have surfaced everywhere from the internet to the television to the radio to the mailbox. It’s hard to believe that anything can help or improve a disaster as overwhelming as what is happening right now, but it’s those small donations and gestures that eventually add up to become something big. No matter how seemingly insignificant a donation may be, it’s going to mean something to someone.

In that spirit, here is another way you, as a runner, can help. Go to your closet or dresser and take a look at your stash of running clothes. How many race shirts are in there? How many have you actually worn in the past few months? If you’ve been running for any length of time, I can guarantee that you’ve got a giant, unused stash of clothing commemorating one random road race or another. Why not put it to work for someone?

Chicago Athlete Magazine has decided to collect and organize as many race shirts as possible, from everywhere possible, before packing them all up and sending them to Haiti. You can be part of this! Check out the official information here, then gather everything (please ensure it’s in good, usable condition) you can and send it to the Chicago Athlete magazine at:

Chicago Athlete Magazine
7842 N. Lincoln Ave
Skokie, IL 60077


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