You’re ready for the race, but is your clothing?

Sydney Pitt can tell you. Sydney not only works at Rogue Equipment as a bonafide running apparel expert, she is also out there running alongside all of you and training hard for the Austin Marathon. In short, she knows what she’s talking about! Here is what Sydney has to say about dressing for your marathon (or any race, for that matter):

With a taste of spring this week, I’ve really been thinking about being prepared for what marathon conditions might be like. We have truly seen all different temperatures in Austin this winter, and Valentine ’s Day could be 18 degrees, or possibly 70. With that being said, it isn’t a bad idea to start thinking what you might want to wear race day. I would recommend running in something you have found to be comfortable in your training.

The race expo is bright, shiny, and full of glamorous shorts and tees, but waiting to wear your new purchases until after the race is some of the best advice experienced rogues can give. If you are looking for something fresh, come by the store to check out some of the lovely new apparel we’ve received. Now is a great time to do so, that way you know you will like the fit and feel, and will be ready to race in style and comfort.

For ladies, we have just gotten in the 2010 version of the Brooks Equlibrium short sleeve ($36) and tank tops ($34). This silky tech shirt is great on its own, or as a base layer beneath a vest or jacket… And the best news, we have it in a bright pink/light pink combo! Perfect for showing how much you love running during the Valentine ’s Day Austin Marathon!

Men, don’t think I forgot about you! The newest version of the Nike Stretch woven running short ($35) has a 5” inseam, a great length if split shorts show more than you’d like. They have reflectivity on each side, a handy water proof pocket on the back, and an additional key pocket located inside the front of the shorts. There is no better compliment to a run than shorts that look great, feel great and offer functionality!

You know where to come to find what you need – Sydney and the rest of the Rogue EQ staff are here to make sure that your clothing doesn’t get in the way of your big day.


2 thoughts on “You’re ready for the race, but is your clothing?

  1. Sydney — I love that new, pink shirt. Just saw it yesterday and now I’d better hurry in to get one before they sell out! : )

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