Get Dirty!

Trail running is generally considered a special category, reserved for the mileage extremists with an astute sense of direction, an immunity to the elements and a case of borderline insanity. To the pavement-pounders out there, it can often seem an exclusive club: you’re a trail runner, or you aren’t.

This is a shame, since trail running is the perfect complement to road running, giving your legs a break from the hard pounding, your ears a break from the sound of traffic and your mind a break from the daily grind. It’s a chance to ramble through the woods, paying attention to nothing but the scenery and your footing. Trail running will help you become a more nimble, balanced runner (you will quickly lose the shuffle-stride!) and builds strength, physically and mentally, like no other type of running. In short, it’s running as nature intended.

Lucky for you, Rogue has a trail series – the Rogue Trail Series – with something for everyone. This is accessible trail racing, something that doesn’t require you to prepare with months of 30 mile offroad runs. The races, which will take place on March 28, April 18 and May 16, all offer a 10K distance that anyone can join in addition to a 30K race for those ready to push their limits. All of the courses are well marked and supported, meaning that it’s okay if you weren’t born with an internal compass and you don’t need to worry about carrying water if you don’t want to. This is trail racing for everyone, and everyone should try it – it’s an entirely different side of running that many people, unfortunately, never experience (Town Lake Trail doesn’t count!).

More information on the Rogue Trail Series and registration can be found here – you can take on the whole challenge with all three races, or sign up for them individually. If you aren’t yet sure about hitting the trail, or want to find out more about the sport, check out this great article from Trail Runner Magazine: So you want to be a trail runner. Read it, get excited and get ready to get dirty!


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