Call for help!

You probably know Sydney Pitt, whether you know it or not. There is a good chance that Sydney has helped you out at Rogue Equipment more than once, and she is also out there among the long run crowds every Saturday morning – many of you have been in a training group with her.

Sydney is also a student at Texas State and has decided to make her spring break both incredibly challenging and worthwhile – she will be headed to earthquake-devastated Haiti to volunteer with Hands On Disaster Response, an US-based nonprofit that provides hands-on assistance to survivors of natural disasters around the world, focusing on maximum impact and minimum bureaucracy.

Although Sydney’s time in Haiti will be spent in extremely challenging conditions – in terms of accommodation and work – she first has to get there. Her means as a college student are limited, and it has been a stretch to cover the passport and vaccination expenses. The airfare and transport within Haiti is very expensive – so much that her plans may fall through without some assistance. She’d like to reach out to the Rogue community in hopes that some of our runners are willing and able to help – even the smallest donation would be greatly appreciated! All excess funds raised will directly to the group’s disaster relief efforts in Haiti.

You can find out more about this particular project here:

The Rogue community always comes through, and we wanted to let you know about another way to do something that matters. If this is something you would like to contribute to, you can drop off donations at Rogue Equipment or contact Sydney directly at

She is set to leave on Saturday, March 6, so time is limited – anything you can donate this weekend is especially valued. Remember, everything (and that means everything) helps.


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