Are you sitting down for this?

Do you work a desk job? Chances are, the answer is yes. In these computer-dominated times, most people do. I’m sitting at a desk as I type this.

The health and weight repercussions of sitting all day long are no secret, but you are probably less concerned than the average cubicle resident – after all, you ran x number of miles this morning, or will be doing so this evening. You run more each week than most people drive (bet you’ve heard that one before)!

The importance of regular exercise cannot be downplayed, and running is one of the most efficient, effective ways out there to stay lean and healthy. That said, let’s say you run one hour each day. That leaves 23 other hours that you aren’t running and in this day and age, it unfortunately means that you probably aren’t moving much at all.

There is a lot of evidence pointing to the benefits of standing and walking as often as possible and to the downfalls and risks associated with sitting for 8 (or more!) hours per day, regardless of what sort of workout you may have done that morning. The New York Times published an article regarding this very topic – since you are probably one of the sitting masses (don’t take that the wrong way), it’s well worth your time to read it.

What are your thoughts?


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