Test prep.

*Note: If you are one of the 60+ people who emailed, your info has been saved and you’ll be contacted if/when we have items in your size and fit the mpw/training demographic that is needed. If you missed the news, wait until next time – we can’t take anyone else right now!*

Want to be a wear-tester for Under Armour?

Rogue is beginning a new partnership with UA and will have a lot of upcoming wear-test opportunities. The job is simple – we give you gear, you run in it and then tell us everything that you love about it and everything that you’d change about it.

Wear-test products come in very specific sizes and quantities, so while there is a good chance you’ll get to try out several items, we can’t guarantee that there will be an opportunity for everyone.

To be added to the list and contacted for wear-test spots, email the following information to allison@roguerunning.com:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Email
4. Phone
5. Current training shoe
6. Preferred type of training shoe (stability, neutral, lightweight, etc)
7. # of miles run per week
8. Current training/event preparation:
9. Shoe size
10. Shirt size
11. Short size
12. Pant size
13. Tight size
14. Jacket size
15. Hat size
16. Glove size

You’ll be contacted as soon as we’ve got something that’ll fit – make sure that you are prepared to give quality, insightful feedback, as you will be a big factor in determining what ends up on our shelves and in your closet!


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