Do more with your Saturday

Most of us find ourselves enjoying – or running through – Zilker Park at least weekly, if not daily. Lots of us make a habit of running through Pease Park, and likely end up in a handful of parks you can’t even name as you explore Austin’s awesome trail system.

We are lucky to have as much green space as we have here – no one can deny that it’s a lot for a city of our size! – and it’s very important to be part of maintaining these areas. It’s easy to assume that the city takes care of it all, but that’s often not the case. More likely, the condition of your favorite outdoor area is directly related to the number of people who care enough to volunteer.

This Saturday, March 6 is “It’s My Park Day,” hosted by the Austin Parks Foundation. This annual community service day focuses on improvements to Austin’s park system with projects led by individuals and community groups. There are 67 – yes, SIXTY SEVEN – improvement projects scheduled and while 1,900 volunteers have already signed up, 1,100 more are needed to make the day a success. It will only take a couple hours of your day, and many locations will have refreshments and live music on site.

Projects include everything from basic pruning and painting to jobs requiring technical skills, such as drainage control improvements. You can get the full list of events and pick one to sign up for here. Don’t be one of the many who brush off the importance of events like this – we all use Austin’s parks, more often than most people, and we’ve got a responsibility to help out. Head over to the project of your choice after your long run – you’ll be glad you did!


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