Trail Teaser

Everyone who has registered for the entire Rogue Trail Series or just The MAZE will receive a detailed information packet via email tomorrow morning, but these course previews are for anyone who may curious as to why we are so excited about these awesome Rogue events!

The ROGUE Trail Series:
Three separate trail races, three separate parks, each with its own unique atmosphere. In order to allow everyone a taste of trail running, all three events will host both 30K and 10K races. The final race will be a joint event: one part championship race, where the combined time of all three races determines overall placement, as well as a stand alone event with its own awards.

#1: The MAZE @ Walnut Creek:
It ain’t flat, dry, or straight. But it is FUN. The biggest danger is the other runners; beware the veterans! They will run full speed through the streams, splash through the mud, and count your face plants. Walnut Creek offers you the opportunity to beat ‘The Maze,’ a course that winds through a challenging mess of trees, crosses a few creeks and climbs a few hills, but mostly follows a well worn, very confusing labyrinth of trails. The course will be well-marked, but if you ever decide to run this park on your own you’ll probably want to bring food, plenty of water and leave a trail of crumbs…a map can’t save you here.

#2: The LOOP @ Emma Long
It still ain’t flat or straight. By now you know who the veteran trail runners are and how to stay out of their way! This time there are no creek crossings, and probably not much mud either, as this baby is mostly rock. It has some very fast sections that tantalize you until the next twisted rock ledge. The climbs are short but occur at regular intervals. The Loop is exactly what its name implies: a loop. It’s packed full of ups and downs, rocks and stumps. It’ll challenge your technical ability, but keep you motivated with its exciting turns and unique layout. This may be your one chance to run where only motorbikes and mountain bikes are allowed!

#3: The BEND @ Pace Bend

Yup, still ain’t flat or straight. Now YOU are the veteran trail runner and the others avoid you. You can make your own mud as you see fit – your option! Plenty of bends, lots of rocks, a few flats, rugged uphills and screaming downhills. The BEND happens at Pace Bend Park on a brand new set of trails. Afterward, enjoy a long soak in the lake then kick back with beer, food and battle stories. Everyone is invited to camp in a special Rogue trail race area for $15 per car – bring the family and make a weekend of it!

Our Intention:
To provide a trail running opportunity right here in Austin in a format that offers manageable distances, well marked courses and aid station support so that you can run the trails without worrying about a map or carrying fuel.

The MAZE @ Walnut Creek: March 28
The LOOP @ Emma Long: April 18th
The BEND @ Pace Bend Park: May 16th

All races:
Start time: 30K at 7:00a & 10K 7:30a
Individual race awards: Top 5 Overall M&F, Top 3 Masters M&F
Series championship awards: Top 5 Overall M&F
Packet pickup: Thursday: 6-8p, Friday: 12-7p, Saturday: 10-5p @ Rogue Equipment
Race day packet pickup: Beginning at 6am, for out-of-towners only!

Ready to jump in? You’ve got a few short days left to get in on the fun – register here!


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