50 Tips

There is no shortage of tips and advice out there for runners. From the essential to the ridiculous and everything in between, it can become hard to distinguish what actually works and what is nothing more than a gimmick or old wive’s tale.

Those who have years of running under their belt tend to have a pretty solid arsenal of techniques and tricks that are firmly ingrained in their personal training and racing routine. Those who are somewhat new to the sport, however, may be overwhelmed with the spectrum of advice out there and have little to no grip on what might actually work for them.

I recently came across a list of “50 Essential Health Hacks for Serious Runners,” a list of tips that range from very basic to highly creative, but all of which I found to be legitimate and useful. Take a look, and note that you can click on each tip to see it expanded upon – what do you have to add to this list?


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