Once again, Rogues did Rogue proud.

We had an amazing showing at the Cap10K yesterday, highly visible despite the fact that runners numbered over 20,000!

Here are a handful of race results – if you are not included by the end of today (Monday) and would like to be, please send your results to either your coach or and you will be added!

Team Rogue Elite
Erik Stanley: 31:07 (2nd overall M)
Allison Macsas: 35:39 (2nd overall F)
Darren Brown: 31:20 (3rd overall M)
Adam Perkins: 31:34 (4th overall M)
Kyle Miller: 32:14 (6th overall M)

Allison’s 5K/10K PR group:
Mo Oaxaca: 37:24 (first 10K/PR!)
Katherine Alfredo: 53:28 (first 10K/PR!)
Rich Myers: 42:49 (PR!)
Raoul Celerier: 46:11 (first 10K/PR!)
Mary Pape: 45:30
Everett Plante: 50:45 (4 minutes faster than last year!)
John Thomas: 53:00

Darren’s 10K PR group:
Ginny Grote: 52:43 (PR!)
Sue Lynn Vann: 53:15 (PR!)
Theresa Marie Kelly: 53:30 (5 minute PR!)
Sergio Ajuria: 46:43 (PR!)
Brandy Dodson: 49:30 (PR!)
Meredith Bohlmfalk: 49:27 (PR!)
Jessica Niemiec: 43:05 (PR!)
Paul Bielamowicz: 43:27 (PR!)
John Dodson: 46:14 (PR!)
Minh Duong: 41:24 (PR!)

Laura and Tara’s Cap10K group:
Vanessa Petrea: 1:14:45
Bret Gambrel: 58:43
Liz Bailey: 1:12:21
Denise Reid: 1:17:34
Jarod Onthank: 52:18
Sara Burke: 1:01:02
Jennifer Cunningham: 1:07:05
Kin Gill: 1:01:04
Allison Feese-Strickland: 1:34:33

Team Rogue:
Michael Wedel: 40:43 (PR!)
Cindy Schlandt: 41:53 (PR!)
Paul Escobedo: 45:32 (PR!)
Carolyn Mangold: 49:48
Brian Plunkett: 49:50 (PR!)
Jennifer Howard-Brown: 50:43 (PR!)
Holly McKee: 55:44 (PR!)
Joe Sesil: 58:11 (PR!)
Andy Webb :41:58 (PR!)
Kevin Lyons: 41:47 (PR!)

Bobby’s Group:
Brent Douglas: 50:18
Barry Peterson: 44.47
Maria Medina: 56:00
Stephen Caruso: 1:05
Briana Huntsberger: 51:34
Jordan Dodds: 46:00
James Dodds: 46:07
Molly Blake: 49:20
Tom Whiteside: 43:02
Will Blake: 49:20
Martha Newton: 1:05
Allan Carter: 59.42
Sara Casterline: 53:56
Garreth Wilcox: 46:40
Carol Gibson: 1:15
Myranda McDaniel: 1:01
Maria Resendiz: 59:25
Anuranjan Jha: 56:38
Leigh Clark: 1:11

Joe’s Cap10K Group:
Albert Ramirez: 48:42 (PR!)

Nedra’s Group:
Stacy Prentice: 57:34 (PR!)
Clay Hearn: 54:20 (First 10K/PR!)

Panther’s Group:
Jennifer Ziemba: 43:15 (PR!)

Carolyn’s Group:
Behnaz Abolmaali: 1:05:29

Various Rogue groups:
Colin Moss: 45:33 (PR!)
Oscar Gonzalez: 46:29 (PR!)
Melissa Nelson: 50:13 (PR!)
Rose Mata: 56:18 (PR!)
Elke Gonzalez: 1:01 (PR!)

Congrats to all on sticking out a tough course, a tough day and showing everyone what you’re made of!


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