From The LOOP to Boston: Race Results!

The second race of the Rogue Trail Series, The LOOP, took place on Sunday and was a huge success!

The dreaded thunderstorms stayed away and runners were treated to cool, overcast conditions in which to take on the rocky, challenging Emma Long trails. Over 250 runners competed in the 10K and 30K races, giving the spectators plenty of opportunity to cheer! Both Rogue and non-Rogues (though soon-to-be?) made up the tough field, and everyone seemed to have a blast. After hours of climbing hills, slipping on wet trails and dodging trees (all while smiling for the camera!), runners were able to relax with a plate of pancakes or tacos and an icecold beer right from the keg. When you take on a run like that, who cares how early you start drinking beer?

We saw tons of great performances, but these people came out on top:

10K Overall Men/Women

Pat Hitchens: 40:49
Paul Rademacher: 45:49
Christopher Alberts: 46:06

Mel Sotos: 52:05
Jayne McCoy: 53:11
Lesa Zimmerman: 53:53

10K Masters Men/Women
Sam Labrie: 46:38
Kyle Howard: 47:19
Eric Aschenbach: 47:28

Debby Harkness: 57:57
Joan Lausner: 1:02:03
Karen Gunderson: 1:03:09

30K Overall Men/Women
Robert Mitchell: 2:19:22
Steven Richard: 2:19:46
Alex Gay: 2:23:34

Cindy Henges: 2:46:42
Sydney Pitt: 2:53:33
Stephanie Terrell: 2:56:24

30K Masters Men/Women
Phil Carmical: 2:35:03
Danny Spoonts: 2:40:44
Joseph Marro: 2:47:48

Tracy Holland: 3:08:49
Helen Sparks: 3:15:03
Susan Kelly: 3:21:55

Full results can be found here, and photos, courtesy of Josh Baker/AzulOx Photography, can be found here.

Moving on…

We barely had a chance to catch our breath from The LOOP before the Boston results began pouring in on Monday morning. Both Steve Sisson’s Team Rogue and John Schrup’s Spring Marathoners (now known as “The Mother Schruppers”) sent members up north for the big race, and every single one had a phenomenal day!

The results are impressive:


Sarah Campbell: 3:28:14
Leslie Tapp Heap: 3:43:24
Tara Domasco: 3:50:01
Barbara Mayfield: 4:14:53
Cindy Swinbank: 4:34:31

Rasim Musal: 2:49:47
Kamran Shah: 2:53:27
Niccole Crank: 2:53:29
Mike Wilen: 2:59:38
David Yin: 2:59:34
Jason Allen: 3:06:01
Jim Fitzpatrick: 3:07:21
Francie Thurman: 3:16:27
Mark Enstone: 3:16:51
Katie Haegelin: 3:27:05
James Gelb: 3:27:50
Amy Anderson: 3:28:09
Nedra Bray: 3:30:44
Charles Collins: 3:32:15
Dionn Schaffner: 3:32:57
Lisa Ansin: 3:35:11
Trent Thurman: 3:38:09
Brian Plunkett: 3:56:07

As a team, the Rogue Women placed 9th!

Nearly everyone is still out of town, enjoying the afterglow, but I will try to get a hold of a few race reports for everyone’s reading pleasure.

If you have a race report, or if you are missing from this list, please email so that I can give you the credit you deserve!


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