Boston Report #3: They said I couldn’t do it

From one of Rogue’s most inspirational race-reporters, coach Amy Anderson:

I hope to “race-race” the Boston Marathon in 2012. In the meantime, I needed a plan for 2010. I came up with four and left them all on the table until about 2 weeks ago. I reviewed them with my most trusted advisor, who swiftly and unceremoniously rejected two of them. From then on, I kept quiet. Other people were messing with my head.

Some people said that I’d been running for 20+ years and that three days after the race, I’d be 46 years old; I shouldn’t expect to keep getting faster.

Some people said that I was over-trained, that I’d raced three <3:40 marathons in 12 months and that to run Boston as anything other than a victory lap would be four in 18 months. As an example, they said to look at how poorly I ran 3M.

Some people said… wait, you know what? That one was hurtful and I’m not going to repeat it.

But Steve said, “What do those f___-er’s know????"

Mr. Enstone said, “Then that’s the day you prove them all wrong.”

And what did I say? I said, “We won’t know until we try.”

With my eyes on 2012, I decided to solidify my 2009 Boston time. As you look at the comparison, keep in mind that I don’t wear a Garmin. I run by feel. JFR.

2009 2010
1 8:14 8:08
2 7:40 7:43
3 7:44 7:40
4 7:54 7:49
5 8:00 8:08
6 8:01 7:53
7 8:01
8 8:04 16:11
9 7:54 7:53
10 7:56 8:05
11 8:02 8:00
12 7:59 7:55
13 8:01 8:04
14 8:06 7:55
15 8:11 8:07
16 7:48
17 8:17 16:05
18 8:06 8:21
19 7:57 7:51
20 8:10 8:10
21 8:27 8:27 (Heartbreak Hill)
22 7:38 7:38
23 7:47 7:38
24 7:41 7:33
25 7:32 7:52
26 7:46 7:53
.2 1:36 1:41
3:29:38 3:28:49

What was I thinking as I ran for three and a half hours?

In the early miles of the race, it was my mantra from Boston 2005: “It is an honor and a privilege to be here. Savor every moment.”

In the middle, I recited the text message I received from Steve while I was on the bus in Hopkinton: “Believe that you can; Trust that you will.”

Later, when I was working: “Today’s the day I prove them all wrong.”

Next up: I plan to fully experience the New York City Marathon. As I said before, from now on, if Boston is the only marathon that I race, if I only do other marathons for fun or for training, then my Personal Best will forever be in Boston.


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