Weekend performances

The racing season continues on, and this past weekend was full of great results!

The big game in town was the Texas Roundup, a race that is said to be the toughest 10K course in town. After being out there to watch, I have to say I agree! It was PR weather but far from PR terrain – all of the Rogues I saw (and there were tons!) looked strong and ready for the climbs, while a few even managed to run a new personal record.

Nedra’s Group

John Doocy – 46:20.00 – 20 second PR
Steve Vasquez – 54:05.00
Pragati Desia – 55:46.00 – 1 minute PR

Allison’s Group
Rich Myers – 41:32.00 (PR!)
Paul Walsh – 43:54.00 (2 minute PR!)
Chad Costello – 51:36.00
Raoul Celerier – 46:20.00

Panther’s Group
Tanner Hunt – PR

Darren’s Group
As a group, they had an average PR of 4 minutes!
Manuel Macias: 51:07 (2:31 PR!)

Speaking of Panther’s athletes, Glenda Adams (aka “Slingshot”) came in 5th in her age group and 11th overall for women in the Duathlon National Championship yesterday in Richmond, VA. She qualified for Team USA and Worlds,
which will be in Scotland later this year, in the process.

Lena Tortorelli, one of John Schrup’s Spring Marathoners, has been training for months for the London Marathon only to find that a volcano might stop her from getting there. Luckily the skies cleared just in time and Lena made it to London, running the marathon in 5:44:37.

A few of his other runners headed to Big Sur for one of the worlds most scenic marathons!
Alexandra Hasert – 3:23:10
Jason Thompkins – 3:25:23
Ian Flanagan – 3:44:22

I am still awaiting results from several coaches. If you raced this past weekend and do not see your name by the end of the day, feel free to send them to allison@roguerunning.com for instant Rundown fame!


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