Inspiration for all!

We love hearing and sharing success stories, and recently received the following from Rogue James Dodds:

I ran quite a bit on my own in order to self train for a marathon in 2008-09. I ended up running pretty slow. My marathon time was 4:56:03. My Cap 10K was 55:20 and then I ran a 10K in Fredricksburg, Tx and ran a 53:09 … that was all in 2009 … AND I weighed 215lbs …

I decided to run with Rogue beginning in Oct. of 2009. My marathon time was lowered to 4:41:03 … that will improve this year.

BUT my 10Ks were

Cap10k: 46:07
Wildflower 10K in Fredricksburg, TX: 45:43

and I weigh about 189 now …

Running with Rogue ended up making we way faster and even helped shed a few lbs. I always tell my friends that “I must share my accomplishments with Rogue” because that is where I found that motivation and kick to really start making changes.

If you know or happen to meet James, congratulate him – that is both an amazing 10K drop and a great weight drop. We can’t wait to see what he does with that marathon time this year!

If you have a story, thought or race report you’d like to share, feel free to send it to for (almost certain) publication. Rogue wouldn’t be Rogue without our members, and we want everyone to hear from you!


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