The Run of a Lifetime!

By Mike Wilen, Team Rogue member

Those that were at the end of season happy hour at Shuck Shack may have heard that Cindy and I were joining a few Team Rogue Ultra runners and some other friends on a Grand Canyon adventure.

The details:
14 of us in all. 11 Austinites, 3 friends from Colorado.
6 of us, John Peck, Carrie Delbecq, Ken Fries (Team Rogue Ultra), JT and Mailman John (Colorado friends) and myself ran the full Grand Canyon double crossing from South Kaibab Trailhead to North Kaibab Trailhead, then returned back south and up the Bright Angel Trail for the completion of the “rim to rim to rim”!

The trail.
Total of 48 miles or so with 4200 and 5500 ft elevation changes on either side respectively.

The other 8 of the posse (which included Kate Fries and Cindy Schlandt) highly enjoyed varied distances of up to 30 miles! Not too shabby, as they were out there 6+ hours and had a 3+ hour, 4200ft climb OUT!

Here are some photos I took…

and here are some videos i took. Look at them in order!

The run of a lifetime!


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