The all-new Rogue Ambassador Program is set to begin June 1, but first we need you! Make plans to attend the info session this Monday, May 17 at 6:30pm at Rogue Equipment to learn what it takes to become an ambassador, find out about the awesome rewards involved and then officially get in on the action. Details below!


Rogue Running is proud to have built a strong community of runners and athletes from a diverse set of backgrounds, interests, and organizations around Austin. Why stop now? Our community could be even stronger as other runners learn what it means to be a Rogue. Since it takes a Rogue to know a [potential] Rogue, we need your help! We need passionate Rogues who are interested in taking the mission of Rogue Running to friends and colleagues in their organization or workplace.

Elements of the Rogue Ambassador program

The role
• The Rogue Ambassador will team with Rogue Running to find new Rogues in his/her organization or workplace
• The Rogue Ambassador will utilize marketing materials (provided by Rogue Running) within his/her organization or workplace to attract new runners to a Rogue training program
• The Rogue Ambassador will also represent Rogue Running at races and other endurance events in Austin by wearing apparel provided by Rogue Running
• Because not everyone can be a Rogue Ambassador, you must be complete an application to be considered for the program

The reward
• For each Rogue Ambassador
­ For the first 6 new Rogues recruited to a Rogue training program, receive an official “Rogue Am-badass-ador” tech tee and the next training program is free!
­ For additional new Rogues recruited, receive cool bonus items (to be announced at the info session)
• For members of his/her organization/company
­ Receive training and coaching from a Rogue-certified coach (in any paid program)
­ Gain access to exclusive retail shopping hours by group
­ Earn a happy hour or party for the Rogue Ambassador (and group) who attract the most new Rogues

Requirements of a Rogue Ambassador

• Passion for Rogue Running and its community
• Knows what it means to be a Rogue
• Knowledge/connections within his/her organization to reach new Rogues
• Commitment to compete in at least 4 Austin races/year as a Rogue Ambassador


• Information session: Monday, May 17 at 6:30 pm
• Complete the attached application questions by Friday, May 21 and send to
• Ambassadors will be selected by June 1

Application questions (submit to
• Your name and organization/company
• Your current title and number of years with the organization/company
• In 150 words or less, how would you describe Rogue Running to a new runner?
• What is your plan to recruit new Rogues within your organization?
• What local races do you plan to compete in during 2010?


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